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detail wandkleed

detail tapestry Janpeter Muilwijk 2011January 22  - April 14, 2011

Janpeter Muilwijk

‘In the first place I am drawing in this ‘winteratelier’. I took a car full of material, a large drawing table, tl-light and a table full of pencils and erasers, 100 cd’s and a table full of books.
Meanwhile the setup of the main piece is almost ready – 8 drawings of 152 x 96 cm that are the basis of the piece (eventually the tapestry will size 11 m height and 3.2 m wide). There are 7 scenes on the tapestry about origin and aim and sense – a tour through life. Every week the drawings are displayed full size in the hall that just fits. From the stair and the vide it shows what is happening and what needs correction.
The content of the tapestry should look like ‘simple ignorance’ but meanwhile it should have inscrutable depth. It requires a theologist….included in the house through sms, e-mail, telephone and post. How to mention? It is experienced as the wonder of Celleno



photo of the drawing

film about making the tapestry for the Nieuwe Kerk Middelburg

(sorry, temporarily not available)

article BK-informatie, jrg 33, nummer 6, september 2011

part 1

part 2


march 13 – april 23, 2009
Teja van Hoften en Marinus van Dijke

‘For six week I was crew member / passenger
on the ship Amenta Maria
She sailed through the beautiful sea Italia
had challenging tasks
and offered the opportunity
for a relaxing trip
Now I’ll sign off
and go ashore
and wish the new crew
a safe trip

f a r e w e l l’

Marinus van Dijke



Teja van Hoften

from the diary April 8 2009

‘As usual first thing in the morning a look in the garden with glasses. Every pine needle holds a drop while the sun was far away in the fog. Long spiderweb fragments, sometimes as a hammock that was sucked inside, due to an obstacle like a leaf, like a navel in the skin. While rubbing a floortile, a polychaete came running to me. Time to go outside for a while. Beautiful strings of haze emerged from the loan. Before the camera was installed the ghosts were lost’